The NZAMRC Nation Convention was held at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Taradale over Easter weekenf 2008.  Some 240 modellers attended the Convention.  There were seventy entries in the Model Competitions.
Competition Results


Stephen Smith                                  Wab686                                                             Gold

Vern McCracken                              NZGR Wb292                                                  Silver

John Robinson                                  Dubs A                                                             Silver

Stephen Smith                                  K922                                                                Silver

Stephen Smith                                  Da1436                                                             Silver

Grant Morrell                                   Dc4160                                                             Bronze

Grant Morrell                                   Wf404                                                               Bronze

David Weedon                                 K900                                                                Bronze

Michelle Andrews                            Dbr1213                                                            Bronze

Robin Knight                                   Garrett                                                              Bronze

Grant Morrell                                   Tr170                                                                Bronze

Robin Knight                                   K919                                                                Bronze

Bob Carline                                      NZR D                                                            


Passenger Rolling Stock

Trevor Cheer/John Whyte               Fa Guards Van                                                 Gold

Michael Gee                                     D Class Car                                                       Gold

Wayne Haste                                    East German Passenger Car                             Bronze

Stephen Smith                                  56' Guards Van                                                 Bronze

Stephen Smith                                  Sleeping Car                                                      Bronze


Freight Rolling Stock

Tim Marshall                                    30' Guards Van                                                 Gold

Trevor Cheer/John Whyte               Vb Insulated Meat Van                                     Silver

Phil Rzoska                                      Lc2 Highside Wagon                                        Silver

Phil Rzoska                                      Lc3 Highside Wagon                                        Silver

Tony Simons                                    NZR Q4 Hopper                                              Silver

Michael Gee                                     1875 Sheep Wagon                                           Silver

David Siddens                                  Ud1500                                                             Bronze

Wayne Haste                                    31t DR Wagon                                                  Bronze

Wayne Haste                                    Gepackwagen                                                   Bronze

Wayne Haste                                    NWE Box Wagon                                             Bronze

Kevin Prince                                    BR Brake Van                                                   Bronze

Grant Morrell                                   Xc2080                                                             Bronze

Bob Carline                                      Uc Tank Wagon                                                Bronze


Non Revenue Rolling Stock

Wayne Haste                                    Works Car                                                         Silver

Ian Tonks                                         30' Plough Van                                                 Bronze

Robin Knight                                   Ea Electric Overhead cars                               Bronze



Grant Morrell                                   Breakdown Train                                              Silver

John Hey                                          Sulphuric Acid Train                                        Bronze


Railway Plant & Equipment

Pete Van Grinsven                           Greymouth Wharf Crane #4                             Gold

Pete Van Grinsven                           Greymouth Wharf Crane #2                             Silver

David Siddens                                  Yf925                                                               Bronze

Robin Knight                                   Railway Bridge Crane                                       Bronze


Permanent Way

Grant Morrell                                   Coaling Crane & Pit                                          Silver

Stuart Walker                                   Masterton Yard Crane                                      Silver

Grant Morrell                                   Water Column                                                   Bronze

Grant Morrell                                   Water Column                                                  Bronze

Stuart Walker                                   Pressed Steel Water Vat                                   Bronze

Stuart Walker                                   NZR 80ft Yard Tower                                      Bronze



Stuart Walker                                   Otaki Under Pass                                             Bronze



David Low                                       Buxton Midland Railway Station                      Gold

Don Grenside                                   Blast Furnace                                                    Gold

Brett Bodle                                       Mamaku Railway Station                                  Silver

Grant Morrell                                   40 x 20 Goods Shed                                         Silver

Stuart Walker                                   Westport Workshops                                        Bronze

Stuart Walker                                   Wood Bros                                                        Bronze

John Robinson                                  NZR Station                                                     Bronze

Gavin Sowry                                    Taita Gorge Station                                          Bronze

Stuart Walker                                   Canterbury Floor Mill                                       Bronze

Stuart Walker                                   NZR Gents Toilet                                            Bronze

Kevin Prince                                    Trafo Tower                                                    



John Dudson                                    Red Swamp and Flax Creek                              Gold

John Dudson                                    NZR Howe Truss Bridge                                  Gold

Herb Petterson                                 Paki Paki Station                                              Gold

Herb Petterson                                 Ormondville Station                                         Silver

Grant Morrell                                   Carterton Station                                              Silver

Gavin Sowry                                    Haywards Estate Railway                                 Bronze

Ken Evans                                       1930 School Grounds                                       Bronze

Roy Sledger                                      Badgers Trump Farm                                        Bronze

Donald Clement                               NZ Tree Fern                                                   Bronze



Geoff Elmsly                                    Early Evening Shadows                                   

Geoff Elmsly                                    Eastbound Coal Train                                     

Geoff Elmsly                                    Hom RhB Diorama                                







Michael Gee             NZR D Class Car 1:64                   Warren Cunningham Memorial Trophy

                                                                                        NZR Passenger Rolling Stock


David Siddens          NZR Ud1500                                 South Dock Models Trophy

                                                                                        Kit based NZR Freight Rolling Stock


Wayne Haste            East German Passenger Car           Wairarapa Railway Modellers Trophy

                                                                                        Kit based European model


Kevin Prince            BR Brake Van                                Eileen Reddick Memorial Award

                                                                                        Kit based British prototype model


Pete Van Grinsven   Greymouth Wharf Crane #4          John Pfahlert Memorial Trophy

                                                                                        1:64 Railway Plant & Equipment


Don Grenside           Blast Furnace                                 Scalecraft Trophy

                                                                                        Highest score in Kit based section


Stephen Smith          Wab686                                         W W Stewart Memorial Trophy

                                                                                        Highest scoring NZR locomotive 1:64

                                                                                        Ironhorse Hobbies Trophy

                                                                                        Highest scoring NZR Kit based


David Low               Buxton Midland Railway Station   Stoker Model Trophy Highest score in Skill Factor

                                                                                        William H Reddick Memorial Award Highest score in

                                                                                         British prototype


John Dudson                 Red Swamp & Flax Creek         NZMR Guild Cup Highest score in NZR prototype

                                                                                        Christchurch MRC Anniversary Cup Highest score in


                                Auckland American Modellers Group Trophy

                                                                                        Highest score in Competition covering both

                                                                                        Scratchbuilt and Kit based models